Development group

This circle is run for the development of the student’s mediumistic gifts and to produce new mediums to work in Spiritualist churches & centres as Speakers and Demonstrators for those who wish to take this step.
Strong commitment is required as well as regular attendance and a basic knowledge of Spiritualist philosophy.

This circle is the natural progression from the Awareness Group for those with suitable potential.
If you have not progressed through the Awareness Group but wish to be considered for this Circle you are cordially invited to apply giving as much detail as possible of your experience, what you consider is your potential and reasons for wishing to join.

Mediumship development takes time, effort, commitment and a positive attitude. As in the Awareness Group, students will undertake a variety of activities relating to spiritual development.

If you are interested in joining a Development Circle as described above, please contact us with your details by e-mail on the 'Contact Us' page or by telephone on 01884 861012.