About the Centre

Thank you for visiting the Exeter Spiritualist Centre's Website. This website has been created to help provide more information to our present congregation and help new people understand more about who we are and what we do. 

If you are entirely new to Spiritualism you might want to head over to our Spiritualism page and get a good introduction to one of Britain's fastest growing religions. Here you will get an insight into Spiritualism in the modern, materialistic, world.

We have a busy schedule at the Centre, with up to 5 sessions in a week at our busiest times. We also have Special Events, which are a great introduction to Spiritualism as they are lively and energetic events that are attended by all walks of life.

The other sections of the website provide more information on the Centre, sitting in the various Circles and Groups and details on how you can benefit by becoming a member of our Centre.

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