Covid-19 procedure

Please bring with you:

  • A face mask

  • A bottle of water if you would like a drink while you are here

  • Tissues if you feel you might become emotional if you were to receive a message

  • A pen/biro


  • Please maintain social distancing while waiting to come in, and put on your face mask before you come in

  • Please use the right hand inner door as you arrive.

  • For contact/tracing, please leave your name and contact number for us to pass on the government track and trace scheme, preferably with your own pen/biro


You can sit together if you are in a suitable "bubble", but otherwise choose chairs that have suitable spacing. This will be obvious.

During the session

There will be no singing to avoid sending water droplets around the hall, thus reducing chances of infection

Use of the toilet

Please don't queue for the toilet. It will be apparent when someone leaves the hall to use the toilet, so please just wait for them to return. After using the toilet, please help us to reduce the risks of infection by using the sanitizing wipes or spray provided, leaving it clean for the next person. As you come out of the toilet, there will be a bottle of hand sanitizer. Please use that before opening the door to the main hall to take your seat again.


After the session, please leave using the right hand inner door,so the right hand side of the entrance as you are looking at it to leave. This is not the inner door you came in through. This will help keep social distancing as you leave.

Thank you in advance for your understanding an co-operation