What is Spiritualist Healing?

There is a tendency for people to think that Spiritualist Healing is only done through faith or belief of the person requiring this form of healing. This is not true. Small children and animals do not know what faith is, yet they receive healing in the same way as everyone else. If faith or a belief is required then this can be termed only as Faith Healing and this need not necessarily have a spiritual context behind it. The only requirement a patient should have is a respect for themselves and an open mind about the healer’s capability to be a channel for the healing force

Spiritualist Healing requires no faith or belief whatsoever on the part of the person seeking it; nor is it a requirement that the patient has the same religious belief as that of the healer administering healing. It is not specifically related to any one religion but a common bond throughout all religions; they all believe that God or a Divine Source can heal, even though it is administered in different ways. Healing is relayed through the divine source of life which people term as God.

The Healer is merely a channel for this type of energy and, as such, can neither direct nor influence its natural process in any way. He or she is purely a passive channel for that energy.

There are, basically, two forms of Spiritualist Healing in use in this country. These are known as contact and absent healing. With contact healing, the healer places his or her hands either onto the patient (with their consent) or near to the person. Neither massage nor manipulation is allowed during contact healing and no patient is asked to remove any clothing except, perhaps, an overcoat or shoes. In absent healing, the patient is not present in person but healing thoughts are directed to him or her or an animal.

Spiritualist Healing is not considered to be or offered as an alternative to orthodox medicine but is seen as complementary to it. Patients are always advised to continue with any treatment prescribed by their doctor.

All Spiritualists’ National Union healers are registered with the Spiritualists’ National Union Healing Committee and work within a specific Code of Conduct.