Private Readings

When the lock-down is over...

Private Readings

We will resume our private readings every second Saturday in the Month.

These cost £15 for a 20 minute reading

If you wish to book one of these, please contact us via email.

We ask for a £5 deposit.

What can you expect from a private reading?

The Medium will bring through some information so that you can identify who they are. Often this involves a description, and how they passed. These will be loved ones that are willing and able to communicate through the Medium. This is usually information that only you would know.

It is not always possible to bring though the person that a sitter is wanting to get in touch with. However is actually happens more often than not.

Sometimes the detail can be very specific, to help you see that they are close and around you.

Usually these messages are full of love and understanding. Occasionally, someone will want to apologise.

Often information is given which clarifies a situation

It can be emotional , but when it is, it is cathartic. It provides a release of sadness and is therefore very comforting.

Grief is the desire to love someone while perceiving that person is not there to receive it. Understanding that it is only the physical part that has gone and that the consciousness of the person who has passed over is very much alive really helps to come to term with their loss.