Workshop: Spirit you and me

Saturday September 4 th

Hosted by

Christine and Keith Thomas,

Upper Levels Healing and Meditation

Let love lead you by the hand

Let light show the way

Let dreams fill your heart

Let Spirit be your guiding stay


7.30 pm till 7.45 pm Greet and Seat

Welcome, not everything will be agreed, my thoughts but be open minded.

Registration Form and brief explanation. Aims of workshop.

7.45 pm till 8.10 pm Short Meditation – The Eagle

Thoughts on Meditation

8.10 pm till 8.20pm 1st Exercise – Imagine a balloon between your hands – Feeling Energy

8.20 pm till 8.45 pm Legal Side, EU Regs, changes may happen in the future now out of EU. Why we need registration forms, storage, time scale, who has access to this information. Who completes information – record cards - data protection?

Heavy side done

8.45 pm till 9.00pm Break

9.00 pm till 9.10pm 2nd exercise – Using an orb card, what attracts your attention most.

9.10 pm till 9.30 pm Gatekeepers, Guides, and helpers. Chakras, Aura, Grounding and Protection. Why ground, why protect, energy levels drained, how you could feel if you don’t ground, why do we need protection? Who is the best teacher or mentor for you? Does humour play a part?

9.30 pm till 9.40 pm Q & A’s

9. 40 pm till 9.45 pm 3rd Exercise – Repeat 1st Exercise

9.45 pm Any questions and closed down

Photo by <a href="">Rhett Wesley</a> on <a href="">Unsplash</a>