Science and Spiritualism

A talk on the scientific and other evidence for a continued existence

Please note the information in the talk, and this and these subpages, comes from the research done by Jamie Aylward. Any opinions made are his own. Like all information, they are only pointers to the truth, which we must all search for and establish ourselves.


This is a simple graph plotting research with the word Spirituality in the title.

In 2020, 2000 scientific papers were published with the word in the title. Look how the topic is increasing. That looks exponential to me. That surely gives hope


Why is this important?

As Einstein and many others state, the idea of separateness is an illusion.

As has been noted with those who experience Near Death Experiences, as people become more Spiritual, they become kinder, more tolerant, do more for charity, and live life to the full.

The more Spiritual people become, the closer we get to peace on Earth, and an Earth that we look after.