Where a Man's heart is

Where a man's heart is

October 18th 1970. 

For Mary

I come in love, for I perceive, because I am always so very near to you. 

And I want you to know that your very thought brings me near to you, nearer that you can ever imagine that this time.  And I perceive that you have felt that you would like once again for me to commune directly through our friend *.  

And I want to remind you of the words of the Master, for it is written, that where a man's treasure is, there is his heart also.  And we, for there are many of us, and the band of workers around you Mary, grow more and more each day. Because your thoughts and prayers are giving us more and more work to do. And we perceive your treasure house, the secret place where you keep those things which are in very truth, precious to you. And we find in these spiritual coffers, not the gold and silver of the earth,  not the coin of the earth, not the treasures that belonged to the physical and the material. But we find the stone, or that which Jesus called the pearl or the gem. And it is not hard, hard cash that we find, not something which we hope one day to exchange for any material, worldly thing, but we find that you crave for and you treasure the things of the Spirit: wisdom, love and understanding.

And because you choose these things, these spiritual gifts, to store away in your secret treasure trove, then you draw to this place all those in the world of spirit who also appreciate and treasure these same things. For as the musician enjoys the company of those who understand the musical instrument and the various sounds which can be created through the gifts of music. So you draw unto yourself all those who feel, and long, and crave for, the treasures of the spirit: All those who also appreciate the stone or the pearl. 

And we want you to remember and to visualise this:  As a little child would stand with its hands cupped and full of soft petals, a gentle breeze will come and lift the petals and take them to this one or that.  Your thought Mary, and your prayers are like unto this.  As you think and as you pray these beautiful soft and lovely things drift from your mind, and from your treasure store, and they go where they are most needed, although those who receive them may know it not. They feel a quiver of comfort or of feeling, and they wonder why this upliftment.  When you pass hence, you will see the effect that these things drawn from your secret treasure house, where the very heart abides, and you will see the effect, the result. And these little ones will know also from whence came their help in their times of need. 

And we do not want you to fret or to be anxious concerning those things which you yourself through your own physical human efforts cannot alter, cannot put right ,as it were, for the living waters emanating from your mind and from your heart, will slowly slowly beat upon the rocks of ignorance and fear. And in the most amazing situations which seem at this time to you impossible to improve, to work upon or to help, you will find that the living waters have done their work slowly but surely, and well. 

There are they who when they lay their heads upon their pillows at night. Thank God for having the wonderful experience of just knowing you. We talk in this vein  because we want you to know …. 

tape ended

* The Medium Laura Kirk

Laura Kirk trance transcriptions