This is the Scientific name for various things such as telepathy and distant mental influence (DMI) where physiological changes have been observed when people send healing remotely to a subject

Dean Radin states that there are several PSI phenomena that exceed the Six sigma level – that’s A billion to one against chance

• Telepathy

• Remote Viewing – perception of things at a distance

• Presentiment - That’s unconscious physiological reactions to future events

• Premonition

Global Consciousness Project

The global consciousness project is well worth reading about. They wanted to find out if global attention had any effect on Random number generators. They found that major incidences like the death of Princess Diana, the 2004 Tsunami, the Twin Towers and many others, made the random number generators produce numbers less randomly. Roger Nelson’s comment is to say that look here is the data that thought is not confined to our brains – We have a responsibility to use it wisely.

And Telepathy – through the Ganzfeld tests – a method that has no known flaws, repeatedly gets results of 32% against chance in comparison to 25% explainable by chance. With the number of experiments that have been done, by different researchers, Dean Radin puts the probability that there is a genuine ability here at 29 quintillion to one against chance.

That by anybody’s standards represents extraordinary evidence.

and in itself shows the current western scientific viewpoint of the brain creating consciousness is flawed.

You may like to know that starting in the early 1970’s the US ploughed 20 million dollars over 23 years into paranormal research. Perhaps one of the more well known successes was the finding in Jimmy Carter’s presidency, through remote viewing, of a downed US air force plane in the Congo.