Marriage is not the ultimate goal

Marriage is not the ultimate goal

For Margaret, May26th 1971

You have witnessed many times , the joining together of various peoples in matrimony. And there are they who give their blessing who say during this service, "Let these whom God has joined together, Let no Man put Asunder".

And to many this seems the ultimate, the greatest thing that could happen in their lives, and they feel that at this time that all is well and that they have been well tested. And they rejoice on this day. But we, who see as it were, around so many corners, and stand at the vantage point, often think that this day is too early to rejoice. It is too early to dance and to sing and to celebrate something which has not really been tested. And we feel also that is is too late when a man is buried, when he comes to the end of his life, to weep.

But there is greater union, a greater thing that can happen to people upon the earth plane, and in very truth we say, 'When these that God has brought together, let no man put asunder". And let nothing in the world put asunder. It is the union of the spirit of Christ between two or more people.

When two people, although encased in the body of flesh, feel the link, the divine link of spirit one with the other, this is truly a greater marriage, a greater link, a greater union, than any physical union could possibly be. For these have joined together in Holy matrimony of the spirit. Two minds have joined forces and together they will bring into being, not through the womb of the flesh, but through the wombs of the mind. Spiritual truth and power which in return will grow and bring into the dark places of the world a divine light. And the offspring of these like minds, the high thoughts, the kind compassions, the deep humility, and the humbleness, these are the little ones of these minds that will go forth like rays of light, and the healing power, and bring peace and healing and comfort to many who will know not from whence it came.

And so we ask you to rejoice. And when we hear you pray, and when you give thanks for friendship, and for the kindness of others around towards you, and from the love that you feel, as it were, stemming from us, on this side of the vale, we too, are humbled. And we draw ever and ever closer because the grateful heart brings it's own particular, peculiar, protection. As long as one is grateful for the right things, for the right things, then this one is surely, divinely, protected.

And we see and understand your problem. But because you have tuned in together, to the limitless power, to the limitless supply, which will always be equal to the demand, all your needs will surely be met. And we can see that you ask for no trivial thing. You are simply asking for guidance, and for protection, form the most High. You are seeking for love, through love , you are asking only for bread, for spiritual bread and you will nor be given a stone. And in spirit you are on with us, you are one with all beings who love and serve, and we feel so very keenly and so very strongly, for the position that you are in at this same time. When the world has changed so rapidly, as it becomes smaller and smaller, your position and condition becomes even more and more difficult. But the conditions seem difficult, because people, in their ignorance and fear are screaming out ever more loudly fro love, and for the peace which only the spirit can give. They know not for what they are crying. They understand not the darkness which engulfs them. They know nor that day by day, because of their wrong thinking and their craving for the things of the world, that they are creating more and more chaos. But you know, you can see, that those are the things which are causing the pressures upon your sensitivity, because although you have the treasure, you cannot share it with these little ones, because spiritually they are swine and will not appreciate the pearl.

Whilst you are in these conditions, naturally the human part of you will become more and more frustrated, but these depressions and frustrations are simply the surging of the waters around you. The deep centre is perfectly still and knows and understands itself. And we ask you to centre down, as it were, into this your very own place, and in this place be still, although the tempests roar and rage around you. It is but a passing thing, created only through the wants, the desires, the jealousies, ignorance and fear of the little children who know not what they really need, but who are crying out for things which will harm and hurt, turn the other way, and let the weeping and wailing burn itself out. For there were times when you were both exactly the same. When you thought only the things of the world mattered, not so much in this incarnation, but in others. And now at last you have found your own shrine.

Laura Kirk trance transcriptions