The Stagnant Pool

The Stagnant pool

. .. all else is smaller and puny beside it. There is nothing else. Although it is difficult in your dark world to believe it, love holds absolute power and is in complete control. As we come from this place of light and peace, we understand what you mean in your prayers when you talk of the chaos and the turmoil of your world. Ignorance and fear, as usual, are creating dark mists around the Earth's plane and it is difficult for even those who are aware and enlightened upon the earth to keep faith and to gather unto themselves courage and strength through love.

But we would bring you as we always try to do, words of comfort for the soul and spiritual nourishment. Because of the circumstances and conditions around you, because of the muddled thinking, wrong thinking and the cruel actions of men far away in other countries, whose only ambition is to obtain material power, whose sense of values are completely wrong; because these have the authority, these truly weak, undeveloped, greedy souls; because they are in control, it is such as these that are causing the chaos and the turmoil.

They create within the hearts of men fear because the masses are ignorant of truth. They have not searched for love in the God sense. They have perchance loved in the human and physical sense but the power of spiritual love, divine love has not been served for. This pearl of great price has not been found. The thoughts emanating from the minds of the masses are full of ignorance and fear causing this dark black dense fog all around the peoples of the earth, and because the very developed, the sensitives, the enlightened, those that are aware, will feel this even more keenly, will feel the impact more than those who know not. It is these sensitives like you yourselves, who feel the impact the most.

We can understand the state of mind which you are allowing yourselves to fall into and we want you to imagine a dark, murky, stagnant pool. This symbolises the state of your earth world at this moment. The part of it that is being brought to the fore continually, the darkness the murkiness, the hopelessness, the stagnant conditions. You are apt to enter into your state of mind because of the dark forces around and the block or cloud of thoughts, fear, ignorant thoughts, which are getting together and causing this awful stagnation.

We see you at the side of the stagnant pool, this dark pool of physical human life and conditions at the moment, and you are intently peering into the gloom trying to see, hoping to find a bright page, hoping to find some sort of beauty, some movement some life. But we asked you not to do this, not to allow yourselves to be drawn to the edge of the dark pond because it is not of your creation. We ask you to leave this state of mind, for such it is, and with a little endeavour and effort which it will take because of the forces and conditions and circumstances and environment at this time, pulling you to the side of the stagnant pool and almost forcing you to look into the murky darkness . But we ask you to try to lift your mind to walk over the hill and you will find a living stream. It is there. Also it is part of the human physical, natural landscape of the earth. It is a state of mind. And this moving river, this rippling living stream is clear and cool, and is infinitely divinely interesting. Because this is the true picture, this is the true state beloved, the moving, the living, the breathing. The source comes from the highest recesses of the mind, the spiritual part, that which is in contact with Heaven itself, come at the highest spheres, where the thinking at this source is pure and clear, creative and definite. This beloved is where you belong.

Do not peer. Refuse to keep looking into the murky stagnant pool that seems to be at your very doorstep, and look into the true, the living, into the moving waters. Because this is the true place, this is life, changing, becoming, moving on to the ocean, moving on to fulfilment . Here you will see many interesting things. You will see life and you will see that it is abundant. Here there are the good things and you will take into your spiritual lungs the fresh clean air of spirit. You have left the lower recesses of the mind and you find yourself in your proper place. We know and you know the stagnant pond is there. But so is the moving river. the clear, clean waters that come from the highest point, that bring in themselves cleansing powers and upliftment and fulfilment. Only you; even we cannot do that for you; only you can find the finer point, this higher place in your own mind. It is there. You have found it many times. You have sat many times beside the cool waters and you have felt its peace. It is not your fault that you are drawn again and again to the side of the dark, stagnant pool, but you can refuse. You can refuse to stay staring into its murky depths, for you will see nothing but the weeds and the mud and the rubbish that is emanating from the childish, frightened minds, from the underdeveloped, but because of your sensitivity which you have developed through your search, it is very difficult not to feel keenly, and not to be drawn more easily. But you must have overcome this, and in spite of everything remember that the true waters of life flow on and on, over and under continuously, and all that is dark will pass away. All the boulders that the moving waters meet, they will pass over and always remain clean, clear and pure.

We ask you to pass this on. You cannot give it as we give it to you because you are receptive to our teaching, to our love, as we are receptive to your love, to your suffering. We know. We understand. We are not blaming you. We are trying to help you because it is necessary. There is a dark and evil power which threatens to crush all kind, human, loving, decent sensitive souls and we will not allow this because you are part and parcel of love. You have it within you. You draw upon it. You have created it. You brought it to the fulfilment, the living Christ within yourself. Let not the dark powers deprive you of that for which you have worked so long. We are waiting on the threshold to bring you and to lift you into this world of love and peace, but in the meantime, we must bring you love and succour. We must help you overcome this ignorance, this fear and this cruelty. And we must fan into a flame, that divine spark which you have endeavoured for so long to bring into fulfilment, into fruition. Although the sun and the rain fall upon the just and the unjust, those of you who create with good, clear, clean thinking, send forth into the atmosphere, a creative power, and although it seems lost for a time in the dark clouds that are all around, it will rise up and meet those other thoughts from the pure hearts and the pure minds of the children who have sought and found. And above the dark evil cloud, this soft and gentle, pure creative cloud will gather force as all the individual thoughts from love within the hearts of the thinkers; all of these thoughts will meet. They will form. It will take time, but they will form a different type of cloud which will burst when it is full enough. And the gentle, wonderful rain, which will contain humility, compassion, purity of thought, pure love, absolute power, will disperse and destroy the darkness. Even the stagnant pond will become a clearer cleaner place. There will be seeing once again, life.

In the meantime go forth over the hills to the places where the living waters flow. Turn your back on that which has been created through things and people and minds and hearts that are alien to God. This is not where you should be. In your own wonderful way you will pass on this information. You will find your own words and people who are just, decent, kind will know that it is true, that you have spoken well in this will add power to the work we are trying to do. We are with you. We are on your right hand and on your left. We stand in front. We stand behind. And in the very centre is the Christ within yourself.

Laura Kirk trance transcriptions