(Every living soul is a potential Christ)

September 1973.

And we would remind you of the importance that all teachers through the ages have laid upon light. “Let there be light”. And Jesus said, I am the light of the world. It is also written that there was a great darkness all around and they comprehended it not. They knew not of the great darkness, because they were and are accustomed only to darkness because it is in themselves and of themselves. They have not yet learned, these little ones, who they really are, where they have come from, and to where they are going. They do not really and truly respect and love themselves. Not in a God sense, in the sense of pure, divine love.

And we would remind you that Jesus said, “Love one another, and love thy neighbour as thyself”, telling us that before we could love a neighbour, before we could love a friend, before we could respect any other person, we must learn to love and to respect ourselves.

And no one can love and respect oneself until the great truth dawns in the heart of the mind of man, that he is a child of God. First then, one must believe in the divine power of the Godhead. The great the universal power which reigns supreme in all the World, and this power is love. Pure, strong, almighty, everlasting, yet simple.

Just a giving out, a sense of belonging to all, and all to one. Therefore, first must come this enlightenment through the mind this knowledge that is an everlasting, immortal, all powerful essence. And then to remember that each and every one, because each and every one is endowed with the life force, then all life is part and parcel of this universal, divine power.

And because one has been created in the so called image of God, then each one could be absolutely perfect. There must be the perfect spirit within. But before the flesh, before the brain, which is flesh, can comprehend this great shaft of light; can take it into itself, it must comprehend the darkness which originates through ignorance and through fear. And this ignorance caused through fear causes all the diseases and all the afflictions which the flesh is heir to.

Until this shaft of light penetrates the darkness, people do not comprehend that they are living in darkness, and they cannot possibly become aware of their own greatness which is simplicity, humility. A great overwhelming knowledge that one belongs to God Himself must inevitably create a feeling of humility in the heart. That one is a potential Christ. Every living soul is a potential Christ. he was born of woman, lived and walked the land, broke bread with the humble, with the ordinary, with the everyday so called working class. he had to work. he knew all the pains, all the anxieties of ordinary human life, and yet the light shone from within Him. he had overcome the darkness. he knew that he was a son of God, a child of God, as we all are. And this caused Him to be humble, to see Himself in others, the Spirit, the Spirit of Christ, the Spirit of God, the Spirit of love.

And when he recognised this power, this essence of life within Himself, he could see it in every other face. he knew that what was within Him, encased in flesh, must be in every other man. Therefore, through this respect and love he had for the spirit within Himself, he loved his neighbour. he understood. he understood also that they were walking and living, moving and breathing in the great darkness, which they did not recognise as darkness. And so he was the light.

But we rejoice when we see the little ones the Father gathered thus: waiting to know, waiting to learn, and above all, being teachable, willing to learn, willing to know, seeking and finding. When this happens and the light has entered in and one realises their relationship with the universal power of God, of love, then we know that that one will love his neighbour as Himself. But we will have the wisdom to understand that whilst a person walked in the great darkness, knowing not that they are in darkness, although his light may lead their steps a little way, the search for the true light must be made deep within one's own being. And yet each one who comes to this knowledge through the seeking is another light in the greater darkness. And there is much more rejoicing for one soul that recognises and uses this light from within themselves to break up the darkness, even though it only be in their own immediate circle. Therefore, we bring you love, our love and our peace. But always we remind you that the peace that the Christ's Spirit brings is not as the world knows it. It is a peace of mind. Although you have this pearl of great price, you will feel the impact of the ignorant and the fears of those around you within whom you will come into contact who still walk in the great darkness. But it need hold no fear for you. You know it is there but you recognise it for what it is.

So, Beloved, let there be light and peace.

Laura Kirk trance transcriptions