June 1975

And we would that your eyes were opened.  That your physical eyes could see that which is not far away, that is within and around you.  We would that you could witness the power of your thoughts.  If only you could see the colours and the light which shines from every person's aura when they think rightly, when they think kindly when they send forth, a thought of love, not only to others, but unto themselves also.

And we would have you think of love as a gossamer thread.  We want you to imagine a gossamer thread that can appear tangled and yet, if a faint breeze should blow on this thread it is so light and of such texture and pliability that it will go wherever the breath, the slightest breeze would have it go.  And love is the thread which runs through all people.  If they would have it remain a tangled web doing nothing, remaining still, so be it. 

But the one that breathes through prayer, through loving thoughts onto this gossamer thread of love, will send it unto others, and healing and comfort will be known in the heart of the receiver.

When we feel embittered, when we are low in spirit, then we are holding our breath as it were the spiritual breath of life.  But when our hearts and minds are full of loving thoughts, and we utter a little prayer for someone that needs help, when we send out this thought, the substance is created that actually goes and works upon the one that has been thought of with love.  And when we think kindly we are as it were breathing gently onto the gossamer thread and sending it to the one whom we are thinking of and for whom we are praying. 

And if everyone would think aright  and breathe a spiritual breath onto the thread of love, then this thread would encircle all the earth and the atmosphere would become clearer and rarefied.  There would be a satisfaction and a peace in the hearts of all men.  And suddenly, overnight, the world would be a different place. 

But we cannot talk to the whole world.  We cannot talk to all the peoples.  They have ears, but they do not want to hear.  They do not want to know.  They have eyes but no desire to see.  They are content in their blindness seeing only the false and unreal, looking at the world as they see it through their physical eyes, and craving and longing for the things appertaining to the earth  knowing not of the splendour, the beauty and the perfect that is all around them.  “Those that have ears”, said Jesus, let them hear and those that have eyes, “Let them see”. 

We want you to look  not outward, but inward.  Just for a short time.  And we want you to open a door of your mind and look into the Heaven, the  Kingdom of Heaven that is  with in yourself.  To be aware and to believe absolutely that this divine place is within yourself.  But first you must make the mind still.  First must you recognise that you are absolutely dependent upon the supreme power, the creator of all creation, of love itself, even as a baby in arms is dependent upon the love and the strength of his parent who would die without this parent.  This loving understanding of his needs just as simply must you believe and have faith in the Father God. 

We want you to feel in your heart that your divine parent who knows and understands everything about you, who has numbered every hair upon your head.  This one is your absolute protector and keeper, the universal power of pure divine love. 

And you know, because you have seen the contented look upon the countenance of a wee baby, who after being fed and taken care of, all his physical needs have been met.  You know the look of contentment on the face of such a one, when his loving parent lies him down to sleep.  You have a parent.  Yes, even you, who loves you with a wisdom and with an understanding which you will never know.  If the human babe can trust that which his brain cannot conceive of, surely you with your reasoning powers, with your intellect, can see and know and understand that this great love will never let you down.

And for time we asked you to be as the sleeping baby with just as much faith in the future, in the parent who is caring for you.  We want you to let all your cares and all your anxieties be forgotten.  And if you will practice this just for a few seconds, a few minutes in absolute faith, then the refreshment that will come to your soul will be greater than anything you've ever dreamed.  The colours, the light,the power, the love, and a hundred hungry hearts will endeavour to serve and to bring you peace and to bring you power and to heal your troubled mind.  It really is very simple. 

But to acquire faith is not simple.  This is a difficult task.  So many proclaimed have this faith and yet are continually fretting, grieving, anxious, forgetting that is not they are doing the work but the Father that is in them.  So we asked you once again this night to renew your faith.  And if you really love another, and if your heart and your mind would only have good for that person, for that one whom you love, then this is the God within you, this is the Spirit of Christ who said, not telling you to fret, to wear yourself out, to bump your head as it were against a brick wall, but to be still .  To be still with love for that person.  To be complete in your faith.  To trust absolutely.  Then, like the contented babe, know,know that your parent has heard your plea.  Know that that which you need for yourself, for your friend, because of your love, will be met. 

But the secret, beloved, is being still and knowing that your prayer in the best possible way is being answered.  You love a person and you pray for this.  You pray for that.  But the legion of friends in this world, the teachers and the healers, know just a little bit more than you can possibly know at this stage, the power of the Infinite will be used in the very best possible way.  Perhaps this loved one has a little lesson to learn and if your plea was granted immediately, would do more harm than good.  And so the living waters from your heart, the spirit within you, the God within you, will work slowly, so that your prayer shall be answered and the one for whom you pray will be benefited in every way: spiritually and materially.  Let love, that love do its own work in its own way.  Imagine in your mind the gossamer thread.  Say your prayer, make your wish and then blow gently with this love, and the thread will engulf and do everything that is good and proper.  But you cannot expect to know just exactly what is good for another.  You only know what you want.  But to want and desire good for another is Christ-like, but to expect to have the knowledge of God is childish.  Therefore you must not only have faith and trust but you must ask for wisdom and for understanding, and for patience.  You need not fret or be anxious because you have love in your hearts and you only desire good for others.  Therefore, you can lie yourself down to rest.  You can be at peace.  And when you are in this very quiet frame of mind, the love of God will pour into you, the living waters of faith, hope ,charity; trust will be will your being and you will be refreshed to face once again the tribulations of your daily life.  Gradually they will not trouble you so much if you remember our words.  Practice what we are trying to preach.  

Love one another and have faith in our love for you. 

Laura Kirk trance transcriptions