If you’ve ever had a reading from a good medium, you will know they have not obtained the information fraudulently. Their stock phrase is “Don’t feed the Medium”. They will give you information without asking questions and the information they give is too specific. Anyone who has ever attended a Mediumship development group will also know that the development is genuine. There’s no teaching in how to cold read!

Curiously one of the best messages I had came from a fledgling Medium. She started by describing various things in my life and then my late wife. She then started describing a teddy bear. The best thing about it was that she thought the message made no sense because it confused her. She said that my late wife was saying she was in the teddy bear. No wonder it confused her! Initially it seems crazy until I tell you that The teddy bear was my late wife’s nightie case, and I’d put her ashes in it.

She also told me that if I were to hold the teddy bear then she would come close. So guess what I did? Another funny thing about this story was that a couple of weeks later I was attending a demonstration of Mediumship - done by a completely different Medium, and she asked “Who’s got a teddy bear on their bed?”.

The whole room burst out into laughter when I sheepishly put up my hand.

Cold reading? I don’t think so.

There’s also been research into Mediums. In one very recent study with a very catchy title:

“Anomalous Information Reception by Research Mediums Under Blinded Conditions”

“Because the experimental conditions of this study eliminated normal, sensory sources for the information mediums report, a non-local source (however controversial) remains the most likely explanation for the accuracy and specificity of their statements.”

Dean Radin found that when they are providing accurate information their brain patterns differ from normal.

Other research has shown that putting mediums into a Faraday cage ( a wire mesh which blocks out electromagnetic radiation) their accuracy improves!

How a Medium's Brain Changes in a Trance

Does contacting a Medium help the bereaved?

Here is a recent article: The possible effects on bereavement of assisted after-death communication during readings with psychic mediums: a continuing bonds perspective:

Beischel J, Mosher C, Boccuzzi M.

So science shows that Mediums get the information in a non-fraudulent way. Do be aware that the source may not be guaranteed. Dowding pointed this out in his book "God's Magic". So be aware this communication is a demonstration of non-local consciousness. Dowding's advice is to only accept a message if it is in keeping with your highest sense of right.

An analogy is to imagine sitting in a room, with 10 radios on in the next room. How can you tell which radio is playing?

Good Mediums seem to be able to tell.

One amazing example that I've witnessed was one lady getting more or less the same message from 2 different mediums 5 days apart. Neither of the Mediums knew the lady. The second somehow enabled her to physically feel her late brother giving her a hug. That was truly awesome.