Ray of light from a human

Ray of Light from a Human

November 9 1969. Trance talk through the mediumship of Laura Kirk

Children. You in your prayers, Mary, you thanked God for those of us who gather near unto you to help guide and protect you as you make your daily way in the earth world. And you thank God also for the light which we bring into a darkened World. But do you realise that we have to stand and wait and watch for a light that cometh forth through the darkness from a human mind in the earth World. Do you realize that without those who are at this present time in the flesh seeking for truth, trying to develop, in the great training School that is the earth, the love of Christ within themselves. Without these, without you, we should be helpless, we could do nothing. And do you realise also that many of us, working in this particular way, in this particular ministry of coming back as it were, to help those still upon the earth, left the earth plane without this gracious realisation.

You are so humble and so grateful and yet, you have found the pearl of great price whilst struggling in the darkness of the earth plane. Your own ray of light has penetrated the darkness around yourself, has shone forth in this same darkness, and we have been able through it's light, to help all those who came within it's ray, amongst and around yourself.

As you pray, as you think about this one and that, a certain beam of light leaves the main being, the mother being, and those specially equipped to deal with this one and that one's own individual problem hastens to that person, and helps in any way he or she possibly can. If a spirit on this side who has volunteered, from their own free will to do this work, had the same experience as the one for whom you are praying, and they overcame, and learned from that bitter experience. This one is sent immediately to unravel, and to help, and to bring about a peaceful and beneficial solution to this problem.

Now if there is any prejudice or selfishness or jealousy, petty spite, or even wrong, misguided thinking, then this ministering angel, this spirit friend, cannot wave a magic wand, cannot force the issue, cannot change the Divine Law, or even the Natural Law, the true healing must come from the desires of the heart of the person for whom you are praying. Now this is why, when you have prayed, when you have done your best, we ask you not to fret, because we promise you, as Jesus promised you, ask for anything in His name and it shall be given unto you. But, not one tittle of the Law is altered and we must be prepared to obey the Law.

There is someone in the conditions, if things go really wrong, that has violated the Law in some way, and until this is rectified no help seems to be forthcoming. But this is only "seems" for it is not so. You, through the power, through the development of the spirit within, are asking in the name of the Christ, not even Jesus, but the Christ within yourself, the Christ to whom Jesus pointed the way, you have grasped this truth. This is the rock, the cornerstone on which your house has been built. You are firm and safe within it.

You remember we talked about the watch tower, many many months ago? and you have created your own watch tower, with your own watches looking forth and about in all directions. They see all things when once they have had the order through your prayers to look out for this and that. All this is going on. If poor, puny men can organise the great organisations of this world, surely thee, who through love, through light, surely, surely this great, sacred, divine establishment cannot fail. And you, beloved, in your own little powerhouse, your own little lighthouse, send forth these beams of light whenever help is needed. And remember, that if this vessel or that appears to crash against the rocks, do nor fret or be downhearted, but pray that from the wreckage, from the wreckage, the spirit will be strengthened, and the light will be seen. For in very truth, there are many, many breakdowns, there are many, many eleventh hours that have to be reaped, before the glorious dawn of love can be seen for itself.

All people, especially the seekers after truth, must meet that darkest hour, often many times. But each bitter experience shortens, as it were, the night. And even, in one's old age, when the physical body is deteriorating and getting weaker, this is the time, in the quiet, in the solitude, one gets a vision of the dawn that is breaking in all it's golden splendour And rich is that one in experience. What one has suffered and learned from, one need nor go through again. This would not be just. This would not be love. And all is love, Mary,. God is love.

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