All will be well

All will be well

September 1973.

The wise men of all times have realised in their wisdom that all they can do is to sit to, to be still and to wait. All these, all around these who have been seeking and searching developed their understanding, the same conclusion to each and every one : that they and they alone cannot possibly change the world. For the world, and all creation belongs to the pure Spirit; and the Creator is pure spirit, and absolute love and perfection. And his creation must needs come back to its faultless beginning.

And those who have the wisdom and understanding, realise more and more that the stillness, the quiet within, the place, the very centre where they can communicate with their deeper and their true selves, where the Spirit abides is only within their own hearts. And then, with quiet conviction of all being well within the world, they can look forth and read of the book of nature, and can read as it were, between the lines. They begin to understand not only the letter, but the spirit of the letter.

And we see the rose in all its splendour and in all its beauty giving of itself yet abiding in its own stillness, becoming, because it cannot help it, and giving forth its message of faith and stillness to all who would try to understand. And that rose in all its beauty, if it had been cut,and the stem severed before the bud had begun to unfold, whilst it was still tight, and each petal was folded one within another in its thin shield, in its case. Even if this tight bud with all its potential, had been placed in water, it would have shrivelled and died, and all its wonderment, its beauty, its aroma would have been lost to the world.

And so we say unto you that had last you begin to understand that you cannot change another human being. You cannot give or share your own faith. What you have searched for what you have found belongs only to yourself. You may talk of your own experiences, you may tell others of the way, of that certain path which you yourself have walked. You can explain to others the pitfalls that you have experienced and the boulders along the way, but you cannot make them or force them to really understand. Perhaps the difficult path which you have walked, they need not do the same things in the same way. Their lesson may have to be learned in a different direction. But nevertheless, there is only one way for every soul and that soul must find its own way and its own level.

But when you come into contact with a seeker, with one who would know, this is not an accident. However accidental it may appear, it is not so; you have something to give this one: a word here, aword of comfort, a little healing, and always the plain, ordinary, common sense.

And the greatest example is of course, your very own way of life. When, as you have said in your prayers, you realise you cannot change the world, but you would that light would appear in dark places, then you are creating by this very desire, a bright and piercing shaft of light which will penetrate many dark, sad and sometimes evil places where fear and ignorance abide.

And so we will not cut the tight bud from the parent branch. But we will be content as the bud is content, to let that which is normal, which is natural. We will allow these things to become in their own time.

We know that it seems as you read your papers, and you hear the things that are going on all around you, here in your own land, here perhaps in your own village and also in the far corners of the Earth, that people are turning away from truth and from love and from the divine power of spirit and from God Himself. But we are not so unhappy about the condition although like you if we could, we would change it. But we know from experience not only upon the earth plane but in these spheres also that the law is perfect and it must be obeyed. But it is perfect in every way. And sooner or later. When the falling rose buds are strewn and perhance no flowers are blooming, and beauty can be seen to be disappearing from the face of the Earth, then shalt you know and understand.

But you must take heart because life, love cannot be destroyed. The Spirit cannot be destroyed. And for one who in this utter darkness, in this outer darkness, can see and feel and know of the light, is like the rose which has been left on the stem to mature and to become. And this one shall be blessed with these words: “Well done. My true and faithful servant”.

And so with understanding and compassion you will gain upon the tight buds of the earth. And though at times it seems that they will never open to the warmth of the sun of love, all will be well in God's own time.

And if this one should perish upon the stalk it matters not. For if they are to come forth into this world and to live and to come into full blossom upon the earth plane, it shall be so. For even if this bud dies upon the stalk, in the spring of another year, another bud will come and it will become full and beautiful blossom. And because you understand, because your eyes have been opened, thou shalt remain still and seek that comforting peace from within your own heart. It is your birthright. You have walked a very difficult path to find this place for yourself. It is your very own. It is the rock on which you stand. Be at peace.

Laura Kirk trance transcriptions