Christmas and Jung

Christmas and Jung

December 1970

There are so many gathered in this night that would greet you and would bring their blessings for Christmas and for the true spirit of Christmas , that you may partake of the power of light and love. and there is one who would thank you personally for the help throughout the year which You have given unto him. It is Jung.

He would have you know that he had a certain amount of knowledge to glean concerning the open human mind, the mind of a person still in the body who accepted , without any shadow of doubt the fact of the continuity of life. Who knew of the influence and the presence of the Spirit helpers and friends while still in the body. And we realised that you could help him and he has stood by you, and yes, almost within your aura, and he has learned many things for which he is truly grateful, and comes now with the love and affection and is looking forward to the time when fully conscious, when the silver cord has been broken, you can talk and discuss and enjoy so many hours as you know time, of pleasant conversation.

For he too longed always to learn, and this is one of the things which he has brought you together, mind to mind. An now we want to ask you, if you possibly can because of the tribulations of the flesh to be as quiet as you possibly can during the coming week, because the peace, the thought of peace and goodwill towards men in man's hearts and minds, although on a physical lower level than the pure love in the God sense, nevertheless, the kind thoughts and the giving and taking, creates even though on a lower level , a certain amount of spirit power, because thoughts are things, and the thoughts of peace and goodwill, and the kindness and the tenderness and the compassion which seems to disappear after the festive season, will nevertheless be used by those who are waiting in this world of ours.

And when we can use this substance for such it is, to heal and replenish, especially for the physical body; because these thoughts are more or less on a physical level. But they are good and have a certain amount of power which we can use for the body for the physical. Do you understand?

But on the higher level as we've told you before at Christmas time, there was always the remembering again, and the rejoicing again as the Christ spirit within the soul of a person, a being still upon the earth. And we rejoice at these sacred shrines. Others can worship in their own way , but the true spirit, the true birth come can only take place in the manger of the human heart.

And you must at this same time remember, and keep your eye upon your very own star: that which has been created through your faith, through your love, and through your search for wisdom and understanding.

This star you have made your very own and it shines always, in your very own dark sky, the physical sky around you. And amidst all the darkness or the ignorance and the fears, this, your very own star, shines and will shine. And one day you will see know how much help others get from the rays of the star of light and love which you yourself have created in your own dark universe of the earth.

We will remind you also that even as the shepherds sat in the dark night tending to their sheep, so have all enlightened souls who have overcome the fear and the ignorance of the dark world to attend to their responsibilities and to their duties, and to look after and care for those dependent upon them. Who are less fortunate than themselves even as the sheep. These are they will look up and recognise, not only their very own star which shines because, within themselves the Christ has been born. The seed has been begun to grow and to mature and to flourish and to come as it were into its very own so that the flesh obeys the spirit.

And although those sheep, those that you have tried to take care of, some go this way or that, some fall over this small precipice or that, but it matters not. For your strength, the confidence that you have in yourself, in the spirit within yourself, has conquered the fear the dark night of the world.

And even as the masses are surrounded and in this darkness, which they comprehend not, you recognise the darkness for what it is, and you will keep your eye upon the star.

But we will remember once again in the stable, and the parents, in the story, and the love, and the hope that it brings every year to this one that. We would have you remember that peace and goodwill in God's sense. You have made your own.

Laura Kirk trance transcriptions