After Death personal communication

Many people will experience direct communication with their loved ones after they have passed on.  Some will see them and be told they are alright. Others will hear them, Some will smell their perfume.  These are very widely reported.

A national opinion poll of nearly 1500 Americans in 1973 showed that 27% had they had some sort of direct communication with someone who had died. A similar survey in Iceland reported 31%.

A GP in Wales, Dewi Reeves found that 50% of 66 widowers he interviewed had had sensed the presence of their dead spouse in one way or another. The incidence increased with the length and happiness of the marriage. W.D Rees found 81% in his study - none of whom told their doctor!

With over 500,000 people dying in the year in the UK, you can see that there is likely to be a  tremendous amount of communication going on, and it’s not only the number but the type and nature of the communication which is so comforting and powerful.

Bill and Judy Guggenheim studied after-death communication in 1988 with The ADC Project. They interviewed over 2,000 people and collected over 3,300 accounts

They estimate at least 60 million Americans or 20% of the US population have had one or more ADC experiences

My brother in law was lucky enough to see my late wife one night.  She appeared to him to tell him that she was fine and that everything was alright.  I also, just once, communicated with her myself, but my communication was quite different. I was just going to sleep one night.  My brain was shutting down. The state is termed hypnagogic. Not surprisingly it’s a state in which many such communications are reported.   One study of people exhibiting successful Mediumship showed lower activity in various parts of the brain while they were communicating.  It seems they were getting their brain out of the way. Many mediums will tell you that’s what they try and do: relax, day-dream, defocus.  All these things make sense.

My communication  happened in a split second.  Instantly I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt who it was.  It was immediate and unequivocal recognition. It wasn’t the content of the message that was so fascinating, but the experience.  My response had gone without having any time to think about it.

To me this is fascinating because it gave me a personal example of the brain being a filter, showing to me that consciousness isn’t a function of the brain.  It was my consciousness that initiated the response but normally this goes through the brain to rationalize and edit. And in this case it couldn’t. My brain was nearly asleep.

And this is why this moment was chosen to communicate with me because even I was receptive in this state.

So you sitting there now are conscious.  The you that is conscious is the you that you will always be. If the building you are in were to be vaporized by some calamity, you would still be sitting there for a while, maybe slightly confused until it dawned on you what had happened, but you would still be conscious and in the same frame of mind.  In fact your consciousness would have expanded and you would be much more than you are aware of at the moment.