You thank God for friends

You thank God for friends - So do we

November 24th 1970

We talk in this vein because we want you to know we come from the land of the golden light where there is no shadow, only the substance, the essence, the real, the true, the perfect, the one.

And although in a sense we have to travel to your world, and make our way, as it were, through the mist, through thought power, created through the minds of men upon the earth plane. In an unexplainable way we do travel, and yet we arrive to this place where you are, very very quickly. It is not like a journey that takes time. We are called through your thought, through the very fact that in faith you enter into this place, and you hope, and you pray, and this thought summons us, not to your side but into, as it were, your aura, your mind.

And yet at the same time, although you may not understand this, we can still feel, and are surrounded by, the golden light, the light created though love, and through the desire to serve, and to bring forth, and to uplift, and to raise many above the material, the mundane and the everyday.

And you thank God, in your payers, for us, and because we come to you. Oh Mary, it is we who are truly grateful and who thank God that we abide in the land of the golden light, and that just as quickly, we come to you, just as surely, we are back. Free from pain, free from want, free from fear, dwelling in the land of love. And it is you who need the help, while you are still undergoing, as it were, the experience of the earth life, Whilst you are still encased in the flesh that withers, fades away, perishes, goes back to the dust from whence it came. And we are always ready to come when you call or when you need us.

And underlying your conscious mind and your conscious thoughts, because the psychic, spiritual doors of the mind have opened is the influx of the power of spirit and of love. Because of this, although you are not thinking of us consciously, there is a link which has been forged, which is continually working between us and for us. And is it a great and glorious thought which we want you to realise, this wonderful link of love created through diligent searching, and there are many thousands, nay we cannot name the number, for it is limitless, who have wards and charges upon the earth plane, and they love and minister unto them, and do their very best, and are no doubt able to help them to a great extent, and yet, they are not known. They are not known in the consciousness, but they are known and recognised in the sleep state.

But one can do so much more from these spheres if the mind of the ward and charge is open and is receptive consciously to the power. It is like being with a friend at all times when one is needed, face to face. And the others who watch and wait, who are not recognised, not known, like being in a foreign land where they can only communicate by other means. They cannot meet face to face.

And sometimes, when you are thinking about us , very strongly, we are able to take you hand, and to touch your cheek, and the very feel of your flesh to us is like a shock, a pleasant, wonderful vibration which brings power to you and to us. But this cannot take place when the mind, the conscious mind, of the earth child is closed to the fact of spirit communication. And this is why we are so sad when those who listen week after week to the words that we believe in the holy Catholic Church and the communion of saints, are speaking only with their lips. They understand the letter, but they do not understand the spirit of the letter.

And so we find ourselves in these little power-houses, in the silent rooms of people in their own homes and we find that we can operate and communicate and serve in these places with more power, more power in the God sense, than we can serve in the Holy so-called Temples, where many people are gathered together, taking part in a ceremony at which they do not fully understand and realise.

It is true that help on this level, in these places is forthcoming, and that many feel it has taken place at such times, but in each instance, the mind in one way or another has been opened, even though the one concerned dare not speak of this fact, but it is so. It is so. And we can heal, and comfort, and make our power through the grace of God , and through the love of Christ, we can make it felt, if a person who knows how to pray through the spirit, who believes, understands, and is absolutely confident, that the power will come through. Then we can heal, and work upon the person for whom he or she prays, even though their minds are not open to truth on the conscious level.

And so you see how important human links are. And when you thank God for our coming, remember that we are more grateful and find friendship and the link of love invaluable because without you we could not work for the human race, for the struggling masses, that are training and being taught in the hardest school of all.

And so with love and deep affection, we will not say we leave you, because we do not, and yet we do not want you to think what we leave the golden light…..

Laura Kirk trance transcriptions