The Living Waters

The Living Waters

.. that at all times the living water is there for the thirsty. But like all travellers as they feel at times as they walked barren wastes, that water is essential, and these people must needs concentrate on the finding of the water. And their thirst is such that they are compelled to look and to search and to dig and to delve for this precious liquid. 

And it is the same with the living waters of life; the spiritual water that feeds the soul.

The troubles and tribulations which arise continually in your everyday life because of the associations which you are forced to adhere to, also the impact of other people's troubled and worried thoughts, causes a mental state which is like unto a barren waste.  You feel that you are cut off from all that is kind and good.  And this is when you feel in this mental wilderness. 

On this level, this mental level, there is a barrenness and a need; a need for the living waters.  Waters which will bring peace to the mind and quench the thirst for love. 

And so you must continually place your feet mentally upon this path, which will lead you to living waters. And when you have been in the company and on the vibration of people who are frustrated and anxious concerning the material, and the everyday things, you must remember that the path to the living waters is there at their feet as it is for yourself.   They have all the power to bring their mind as it were to heel. They all have this same power to feel and to sense the goodness of love and of the Spirit.   But you cannot tell them because they insist on digging, as it were, in the wrong place for water, the spiritual water.

And those of you who know are entitled, if you have had the patience and the forbearance and the absolute desire to find this path, then you have worked for it and you have searched for it. And you have had to control many, many worldly and material desires to find it.  And if you know of a way that is good, if you have discovered it, then only a fool would ignore it's just because others do not choose to walk this path.  They prefer to sit, as it were, and to dig in that place where they want to dig.  They don't want to find the living waters.  They think they want peace.  They do, but as the world knows it.. as the world knows it.  They want this one or that one to conform to their ideas.  And if this one or that one resolves and insists on going their own way, then they sit as it were, and turn this situation over and over in their mind going further and further away from peace, real peace.  Whereas you who have been used to disappointment, who have seen things as they really are, who've come face to face with reality, and have accepted all these things as part and parcel of the experience of life upon the earth plane, and in the chaos, in this turmoil, in this place, which is noisome to the Spirit, you have found this path, this secret place, then it is your very own. 

You must needs  forget all these who will seek and sit and stare into the dark stagnant pool of which we have talked, until they too realise that this place which you have found is good, and then to seek their own place.  And you know, we must make you understand that this is the only way to seek.  It is not being indifferent.  It is not being cruel.  It is not being selfish.  It is simply common sense after all, that that which you have earned is your own. 

And you may feel at times that we're telling you to shrug your shoulders and to be indifferent. This is not so.  And we ask you not to feel guilty because you have found of your own accord, of your own free will,  your proper place.  And surely,  you can see that this is truth.   And sometimes you may feel that we contact you only in this way.  I'm sure you're aware that we are always with you and near you and whispering so very often into your mind. Take no heed,  take no heed when other people's problems seem impossible to cope with. They could all go to a quiet place and look at reality and remember that if it was only the things that they were taught that the so called School of God,  surely they must think there must be something in all of this talk of love and good and God knowing everything and everyone.   And they must start with the things in their mind that they know of, as you had to do, and this place is there within every being. 

“I have not left you comfortless. I will not leave you comfortless.”

There is always another comforter. Yes, the Spirit of Christ within yourself. 

Be at peace.

Laura Kirk trance transcriptions