The Sword

The Sword

November 1st 1968

We will enlarge upon the talk we gave you last week.  This is also for the benefit of your doctor friend, our doctor friend, the little one.  Now Jesus said “I bring you a sword, not peace”, and he meant that as the world knows it, his peace is a sword.  Because you know through your own experience, that life seems one long battle.  That you are continually fighting alien forces of grief.  Those things not appertaining to love and harmony, truth, purity and peace.  Therefore, if you yourself are trying to bring these virtues info fulfilment, if you are trying to progress spiritually, then you must take in your hand the sword that Christ brought to the world.  Because he too had to fight every inch of the way.  Now we use Christ because he is the founder of the Christian faith in which you were brought and and reared.  But when we speak of Christ we speak of all the great ones, all the humble ones, all the teachers of the past ages who taught and brought peace and comfort to their brothers and sisters upon the earth place.  But in truth, when we speak of the Christ, we are speaking of the Christ within every individual human heart, every human being, for there and there only, can the Christ spirit which is the seed of God, be found.  But when we speak of Jesus, Jesus the Christ, we speak of that Holy, Divine Being, who set such a wonderful, unforgettable example to all mankind.  Not only in his own day, bet even to this day and through the ages that are to come.

Now we speak of this sword, but we tell you that you have only to carry and use the sword until you reach a certain level of consciousness, or state of mind.  Then you can lay aside the sword, sheathe it for longer intervals of time, and when we talk about standing with our backs against the wall and facing the firing squad, of being dead to the world, of being alive to eternal truth and spirit, this is a state of mind.  This is a level of consciousness, and the sword at this pint can be put to rest.  You may have to take it up again for this or for that, but when this state of mind has been reached, then the desire to fight will begin to fade.

Although this is a sacred, divine instrument, this sword, an inevitable tool which the seeker after the truth must carry, Jesus knew this.  He knew that the fight against evil is inevitable, that it must go on, and that it is a must and a need for all spiritual seekers.  But the sword is provided, is put into each hand who asks for it, and anyone with the desire to serve with true humility and sincerity of purpose, will find this tool, this weapon in their hand.  But when the state of being with your back against the wall is reached, the falling down and the fetting up, then you will find a greater peace, a greater faith, a knowledge which can survive and overcome without the sword always in your hand.

This state usually occurs with the seeker of age, where the physical body is becoming so tired, and whose spirit is becoming more and more loose,, more and more unbound.  There you should find a quiet which you have never found before and you will realise that, although the sword has been absolutely necessary and essential, it is not necessary to continue wielding it any more.

And so we want you to think on these things.  To thank God for the gift of the sword that Christ brought.  But to know, and not to fret, now that the time has come when you lay it down for longer periods.  In other words, your burden has been taken from you because you, yourself, are willing to give it up.  Your bauble has been destroyed.  Your faith is complete.  Now you can afford to sit back and smile at the little ones how are still playing in the sun with their diverse baubles, tinsels and toys.  You can enjoy their play although you yourself could not possibly partake of their pleasures.  You will feel overwhelmed with your sense of tolerance because you have earned wisdom and understanding.

You will find that you will not be so irritated and so fretful concerning the stupidity of the little children.  You will know that as you yourself have arrived at this state of mind, so will they.  Although we do know that greed and avarice and strong thinking is more to the fore now then it has ever been, because much is always clamouring for more.  But this will pass.  This era is inevitable.  This time of what you call affluent society had to come and the little ones will get used to it, through perhaps, although we hope we can avoid it, much misery, more bloodshed, and heartache.

But we repeat, it was inevitable and with enough people….

Laura Kirk trance transcriptions